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Welcome to the Nightscout new user wizard.

This set of questions will hopefully help choose the best solution for you, or at least give you hints on where to start.


This wizard is thought for one Nightscout site (one patient with diabetes). If you need more Nightscout sites you might need more accounts. Some hosted providers provide discounts and T1Pal support up to 5 patients per subscription.

Nightscout DIY rules

If it’s cheap and easy it might not be as reliable as you’d like
If it’s cheap and reliable it might be difficult to build or maintain
If it’s simple and reliable it might not be free
Free, simple and reliable is not available.

I want to contribute to Nightscout research and development.

What is the maximum acceptable cost per month per site?

How much of an issue is it when Nightscout is down?

How much time are you ready to spend on creating and maintaining it?

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Database options


Nightscout options


Made you mind? Have a look at your options:


Serendipity Bio


MongoDB Atlas
MongoDB Atlas M2 - Not documented: Hosted solutions are more economic
Railway Mongo Database
Northflank Mongo Database
VPS Mongo Database


Heroku Eco plan


Google Cloud
Oracle Cloud
Advanced DIY