Heroku Basic plan

Too complicated? Not what you’re looking for?

Consider a hosted Nightscout service! Check for easier solutions here.


Heroku Eco

Since the beginning Heroku has been a very popular platform for Nightscout. Most of the documentation was based on a Heroku Nightscout.
On August 25th 2022, Salesforce decided to drop the free plan. You can create your new Nightscout site with Heroku using an Eco plan (5$/month).


  • Large platform with a reliable history

  • Well documented, well known by the community


  • The Eco plan has the same limitations than the previous Free plan, for 5$ per month

  • For a Nightscout site a 7$ per month Basic plan is not really worth it (compared to hosted solutions)

  • Relying on the MongoDB Atlas database

Upgrade to 7$/month Basic Plan

5$/month Eco Plan

You can also select a more economic eco plan upgrade.


Heroku billing is monthly.
One minute of Eco plan will be billed 5$ in the current month.
Switching billable plan during the same month with add another plan billing for the whole month.

  • Select your app (hidden in yellow)

  • Click Resources then select Change Dyno Type

  • Select Basic ($7/dyno/month) then click Save

  • Your Nightscout Heroku app is now using a Basic plan.

  • Make sure your credit card information is up to date!
    Go to your Account settings.

  • Billing

  • Verify the credit card you used is still valid, in case of doubt Change credit card and enter a valid credit card.