Closed loop systems

Nightscout is integrated with DIY closed loop systems.

Look into the specific app documentation to know more about optimal Nightscout settings.

The heading for each section is a link to the Nightscout overview page for that closed-loop system.

You will also find general support in Loop and Learn.


Loop is an iOS app that assists in the many insulin dosing decisions people with diabetes face every day. You enter your own settings for desired correction range, basal schedule, insulin sensitivity factor (ISF), carbohydrate ratio (CR) and the type of insulin you are using. The glucose predictions, using your settings and meal entries, provide Loop with the information needed to modify insulin delivery to attain a targeted glucose range in the future.

Once your Nightscout site is configured, use the New Variables for Loopers section of LoopDocs to update your Nightscout Config Vars.

Facebook group: Looped


The Open Source Artificial Pancreas System (OpenAPS) is a safe but powerful, advanced but easily understandable, Artificial Pancreas System (APS) designed to automatically adjust an insulin pump’s insulin delivery to keep blood glucose (BG) in a safe range at all times. It does this by communicating with an insulin pump to obtain details of all recent insulin dosing (basal and boluses), by communicating with a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) to obtain current and recent BG estimates, and by issuing commands to the insulin pump to adjust insulin dosing as needed.

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AAPS 3.2 requires Nightscout 15.

AndroidAPS is an open source app for people living with insulin-dependent diabetes that acts as an artificial pancreas system (APS) on Google Android smartphones.

Facebook group: Android APS Users