Uploaders setup


You usually should express the Nightscout URL in secure https://, not only http://. (Unless you set INSECURE_USE_HTTP to true)


In order to use the Dexcom Share servers to upload to Nightscout, you need to setup (and if not present add) the following variables in Heroku:

From Settings, click on the Reveal Config Vars

Verify, update or add these variables:

You need to add bridge in the ENABLE variable. Do not delete other entries, just add bridge after a space.


The BRIDGE_PASSWORD and BRIDGE_USER_NAME are NOT visible from within your Dexcom app or online account. The values for them are what you entered into your Dexcom mobile app when you VERY FIRST logged into that app however long ago. The BRIDGE_USER_NAME is not an email address. The most common error on initial Nightscout setups is that people incorrectly use an old account or an old password. To test your username and password, go to Dexcom's Clarity page (check here for USA accounts and here for the others) and try logging into your Dexcom account. If your account info doesn't let you in, or you don't see data in your Clarity account...then you need to figure out your actual credentials before moving ahead.


Some people have had problems with their bridge connecting when their Dexcom passwords are entirely numeric. If you have connection issues in that case, try changing your password to something with a mix of numbers and letters.

You need at least one follower to use Dexcom Share.

On your master phone, touch the Share icon, enable Sharing. If you have no follower, add one. You can also invite yourself.

This plugin is NOT functional anymore with Heroku.

Plugin setup documented here with additional fields for your pump.

Medtronic 600 Series with uploader

You might want to setup additional fields for your pump.

Facebook Group Nightscout for Medtronic


Mind the syntax!


Facebook Group xDrip






Look here.

Facebook group Spike App


Facebook group xDrip4iOS