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Admin Tools

Subjects and Roles

Information on how to use security on this dedicated page.

Database Maintenance

If you use a free database like MongoDB Atlas, it will require maintenance as nothing in Nightscout is setup to perform cleanup and unless you planned for a larger size database it will eventually fill-up. Make sure you leave dbsize visible on your page to keep it under control.

This panel will give access to basic maintenance actions on various database collections as defined in your site core variables.

Mongo status Database

Your status database contains battery, pump, ... extra information as those defined in devicestatus that you can safely delete when necessary.

When it comes to treatments and entries, deleting data is something you need to carefully evaluate if you like Nightscout to be the main repository for your history.

Mongo treatments Database

Mongo entries Database

Remove future items from Database

Future treatments and entries generated by an incorrect time zone, daylight saving time change, or any other mistake can completely block your site. Using this feature will purge the database of these unwanted values automatically. Detected issues will appear in Database containsxfuture records and should be fixed.

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