Update Nightscout


You don’t need to follow these instructions if you use a hosted service.
Contact the vendor to learn more about possible updates.

See here which is the current released version before updating.

Step 1: Update your repository in GitHub


Skip this step if you’re using Azure, Google Cloud xDrip+ scripted deployment or Fly.io from the orignal cgm-remote-monitor repository.

Follow these instructions and come back.

Step 2: Deploy

  • Log in Heroku https://id.heroku.com/login


  • Select your app (hidden in yellow)


  • Click on Deploy


  • Verify Heroku is connected to GitHub, if not, clickConnect to GitHub


  • If Heroku is not connected to GitHub, scroll down and click Connect to GitHub, if a popup window opens and requires authorization, click Authorize Heroku


  • Verify your app cgm-remote-monitor is connected to GitHub


  • If it isn’t, In Connect to GitHub, type cgm-remote-monitor and click Search then click Connect


  • If you have trouble connecting your app, click Disconnect and reconnect it as shown above


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page, select the master branch and click Deploy Branch


  • Build will start and information will scroll in the log window. Do not leave the page, do not interfere and wait for completion. It might take more than 10 minutes.
    Interrupting the process will lead to a broken site and you’ll need to restart deployment.


  • Wait until the deploy process completes and click View (if nothing happens click Manage App then upper right Open App)


  • Your site will open and should be at the latest version.

  • Check your profile time zone is correct. You’re done!
    If you ran into trouble, try the Redeploy method

  • Log into Azure : https://portal.azure.com/

  • Select your App service, your Nightscout site name (you should see it in recent resources)


  • If you didn’t find it, it will show in App Services


  • In the left menu select Deployment Center and change Continuous Deployment to On.


  • Click Save (or Discard if you don’t want to update). Your site will redeploy with the latest cgm-remote-monitor version.
    Expect a few minutes before it comes back online.


  • You can leave Continuous Deployment On if you want upgrades to happen automatically, or turn it back to Off (and save) to control upgrades manually yourself.

  • Site maintainability
    Perform these operations.

    Your deployment will update automatically.

Once GitHub updated, your Nightscout should automatically deploy with the latest version.

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