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Migrate from Heroku to Railway


Too complicated? Not what you're looking for? Consider a hosted Nightscout service! Check for easier solutions here.

Interested in building a Nightscout DIY site? Make sure you read and understand this before starting.


The developer plan allows you to run Nightscout for free
Migration process is really simple
The developer plan is meant for hobbyist workloads


Using the M0 MongoDB Atlas database
Railway network model generates missing data issues with some follower apps and devices

Step 1 - Update your Github repository

a) Click here to log in at GitHub:

b) Enter your username or email and your password. Click Sign in

c) Select your own cgm-remote-monitor project (not nightscout/cgm-remote-monitor)

d) Your repository will open. If you see This branch is xxx commits behind nightscout:master you need to update.
If you see This branch is up to date with nightscout:master, leave the GitHub page opened and go directly to Step 2.

e) Select Fetch upstream

f) Select Fetch and merge

g) After a moment, your repository should display This branch is up to date with nightscout:master

If you ran into trouble upgrading (your branch is not up to date): delete and fork again your cgm-remote-monitor repository.

Leave the GitHub page opened.

Step 2 - Create a Railway account

a) Open Railway in a new browser tab and click login. Login with GitHub.

b) Select Authorize Railway App.

c) Click on Please agree to the new terms to keep on using Railway.

d) Scroll down and click I agree with Railway's Terms of Service.

e) Scroll down and click I will not deploy any of that.

f) You now need to upgrade your account to a Developer plan. Click on the Starter Plan information and select Remove Resource Limits.

g) Enter your credit card information and select Subscribe to a Developer Plan.

Your card will be billed 1$ that will be refund immediately. Bank fees won't be refund.

Step 3 - Log into Heroku

  • Leave the Heroku page opened and return to the Railway page.
  • If you cannot log into Heroku, follow the new user guide and reuse your existing Atlas database.

Step 4 - Deploy Nightscout in Railway

a) Click on Create a New project.

If you don't see that, top right, click + New Project.

b) Select Deploy from GitHub repo.

c) Select Configure GitHub App.

d) Choose Only select repositories, in the Select repositories drop-down select your own fork of cgm-remote-monitor.
Then, at the bottom, click Install & Authorize.

e) You should be back to Deploy from GitHub repo, select it.

f) Now you can select your own GitHub repository.

g) Select Add variables.

h) The Nightscout project will deploy in the background, just ignore it: now we need to import all variables from Heroku.
When you see this, press simultaneously the keys Ctrl and K.
If you use a Mac and K.

i) Select Import variables from Heroku.

j) Click Connect Heroku account.

k) Click Allow.

l) Redo Ctrl K (or ⌘ K and select Import variables from Heroku. Now you can select your Nightscout app.

m) Wait until import completes.
Your site will redeploy, wait until redeploy completes.

n) Change your site name (you need to keep the domain).

  1. Select your Nightscout app

  2. Go in Settings

  3. In Domains go to the end of line and click the edit icon

  4. Write your new name and check it's available

Click Update

Your Nightscout URL will now be

Congratulations. You migrated from Heroku to Railway.

Click the site name to open Nightscout.

Step 5 - Update your uploaders and downloaders

Now you will need to update all the devices connected to Nightscout with the new web address.

Change the URL!

Note that Railway will display he same information than Heroku even if you don't do so, but this will stop when Heroku will shutdown the free service.
Make sure you update the uploader and follower devices with the new address!


For Dexcom users, if you use the bridge plugin you should be set.
xDrip+ users (including Medtronic CareLink followers) should update the uploader as shown here.
xDrip4iOS users here.
AAPS and Loop: consult the relative documentation to change your site name.

To fully test your new Railway Nightscout app: put your Heroku app in maintenance mode.
If things don't go as expected, you can disable it and return to Heroku whilst you fix it.
Better test it now than once Heroku will shutdown your app.

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