Time to update Nightscout?

This tool is designed to help you upgrade your Nightscout site to the latest release.

First make sure to log into github.com, then pick a good and safe time to update, there's no rush, you own your site!
Github user located! - ()

An Update is Available!

Now follow the Green buttons until you reach the purple merged icon.

After clicking the Continue updating at GitHub button below you'll be taken to the exact location on the Github site for you to create a Pull Request to update your Github repository.

Merging the Pull Request that you create will automatically redeploy your site if you're running Azure, if you're using Heroku you will need to to push the Deploy Branch button, in the Manual deploy section of the Deploy page.

Repo is up to date

There was an error

Make sure you username is typed correctly, you're logged into your github account (in this browsers)