Troubleshoot Render

Restart service

If your site is not responding (doesn’t open), you can try to restart it.
Mind it might only have fallen asleep and would need an uptime robot to stay awake.


  • Select your web service

  • In the Dashboard, open the Manual Deploy drop down menu and select Restart service.


Backup your site variables

Having a copy of your variables is very important since some of them are vital to your site like MONGODB_URI and your access to it like API_SECRET.

Unfortunately there is no automated way to export your variables in Render.

Copy the values in a spreadsheet or create a render.env file, manually, using the format:


Restore your site variables

You can use this method to import Render variables from Railway or Heroku if migrating (follow the platform name link to see how to export them).


  • Select your web service


  • Go to Environment, click on Add from .env.


  • Delete all contents, open your backup file (the .env you generated when doing backup) and copy/paste all in the editor area. Click Add variables bottom right.


  • Scroll down the list and trash all variables that don’t have a value (they’re not used)


  • Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Save changes. Wait until your site redeploys with the new variables.