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Nightscout as a Service

While it is true that Nightscout is open source and always will be, from the core developer's perspective we can't control pricing of interoperable medical devices, servers, database and storage, we can only provide the source code.

Users taking "Nightscout is free" for granted is probably hurting the ecosystem. A decent portion of the issues people need support on are related to using free services for hosting, instead of spending even a few dollars per month on hosting services. Free mLab running out of space all the time, has required both a ton of support but also feature development in NS so it's easier for non-technical people to delete data.

Nightscout has grown in complexity and maturity that require resources to sustain, especially if we are talking about uninterrupted working Nightscout for years on end. Most of the free accounts provided have quotas on the resources used that will impact the Nightscout experience in some negative way without payment.

The big value for paying some money for NS can be to skip the parts that go wrong with installation and no hassle updates & capacity. Incidentally this also means less need to support users, where the support community has also seen a lot of people basically burn out from the endless amount of work supporting new users. Same goes for developers, where developing / maintaining NS is anything but trivial, but frequently users feel entitled to make demands and take offence if someone implies their wishes as customers are not met.

The developers recommend paid support for high quality, reliable service.

The developers recommend T1Pal in order to augment the sustainability of the Nightscout Project.

10BE is a managed Nightscout service, offered as a pure data storage / diary / information management.

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