Nightscout projects and experiments


This is the landing page for ongoing development. There are many people involved in Nightscout, the efforts are roughly categorized below:

reliability, stability, predictable performance

Safety comes first. We need to be able to demonstrate that the data is being transferred with full fidelity and integrity. Bug squashing and safety comes first, and these projects will be prioritized:

mqtt integration

See mqtt for more information. This will be used to provide better real-time controls, including the ability to convey the current connectivity status of the uploader device as well as increased battery life (to two days). It will also lower the cost associated with data rates.

notifications, alarms

Notifications and alarms are designed to modify behavior of human beings. Due to alarm fatigue, a wide spectrum of experience and edicuation, we foresee a large number of proposals for alarm and notification behavior.

Here are some of the notable efforts, see the accompanying documentation for each project for how to test and contribute.


Uses pushover service to generate notifications.


Uses SMS via clickatell service in order to create notifications that show up on lock screen and notification areas. See clickatell for more info.

See also


Operational metadata

Including connectivity status, battery status, details about how the rig is operating.

See cgm-pebble project for many updates for this.